Fine Motor and Handwriting
Handwriting Anatomy of a Collaborative Assessment Intervention Model Erhardt and Meade WAS $89.00 N

This new book features a review of handwriting literature and theoretical rationale for a dynamic systems approach to learning and organizational disorders. OT and PT evaluations and interventions are included along with additional outcomes data from optometry and psychology. The book is in case story format, interweaving the family's and therapist's inner voices and dialogue with progress notes, video stills, and corresponding charts from the Visual Perceptual-Motor Activities Collection.

I Can Cut

Big Skills for Little Hands I Can Cut will help children build hand strength and dexterity by teaching them to use scissors to cut lines, curves, and shapes with these fun, colourful activity sheets. Children will create puppets, play games, and make puzzles while learning an essential skill for school success!

Publisher recommends suitable for 2 years plus.

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