Early Intervention

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AMBI Tommy Toot

He's back!

Our very popular whistle for little people. Blow and suck into his hat to make him toot.

Level 1 easy blow whistle.

Manufacturer recommends for ages 12 months plus.

AMBI Trumpet

It's back!

Another very popular whistle for little people. Blow and suck for trumpet sound.

Level 1 easy blow whistle.

Manufacturer recommends for ages 12 months plus.

Aquadoodle Travel Bag

The AquaDoodle Draw n' Doodle Mat requires no ink, no paints and no mess. Drawings appear when water touches the mat, just add water and doodle away. As drawings dry out, they magically disappear!

Not only does this give you a mess free way of allow kids to explore drawing activities (particularly useful for those kids who are not yet great at sticking to drawing on paper), but is also of a size that is easy to take on outings, activities in the car etc.

Includes 1 double sided zip up doodle mat, 1 magic water pen.

Manufacturer recommends for ages 18 months plus.

ARK Cip-Kup

ARK's flexible Cip-kup makes transitioning from bottle feeding to cup drinking easier or to assist with the teaching of straw drinking skills. (Reduces the air ingested and effort required; less coughing and choking while drinking thin liquids). A reusable one way valve at the end of the straw keeps the fluids in the straw after you stop squeezing or when the client stops sucking. ( OR use it without the valve). Valve end can be trimmed to adjust flow. The 250ml. bottle is flexible enough to allow squeezing to assist in bringing fluids to the mouth and does not tip over easily. A lip-blok is included and one dozen straws. All parts are dishwasher safe.

WARNING: Some pieces could present as a choking hazard.
Use under adult supervision.

ARK Cip-Kup LipBlok

Using the Lip Blok on straws discourages the child from biting the straw or thrusting the tongue. It also corrects tongue position. Great for developing midline stability through sealing on a straw at the lips.

WARNING: Use under adult supervision.

ARK Grabber Baby

The Baby Grabber was developed to provide pleasure, and to calm and soothe infants who are in the developmental stage of mouthing. Oral exploration exercises the lips, tongue, and jaw to play which is essential for the development of speech sounds. For those infants where hypersensitivity and oral sensory defensiveness is a concern, the Baby Grabber provides a positive oral experience. Oral stimulation often assists in self-organization and transition to textured foods.
The Baby Grabber is a healthy opportunity for your infant to develop biting and chewing skills before food is presented. At four to five months of age, the infant's jaw opens and closes when the gums are stimulated by touch. This bite-and-release pattern is a way babies get ready to eat solid foods when they are older. Placing the Baby Grabber where the molars will eventually erupt and pushing up slightly, may assist in activating biting and chewing.
The Baby Grabber, designed and developed by an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist, is constructed of a medical grade chewy, resilient material and is latex FREE.

WARNING: Use under adult supervision.

ARK Poly Tubing Straw WAS $3.30 NOW

Medical grade polytube straw suitable to use with ARK's Sip-Tip Cup and Cip-Kup range including lip bloks and one way valves.

Use to provide straw drinking in alternative positions, use to provide a very long straw to develop greater strength and endurance for suck, swallow, breath and core stability activities.

WARNING: Choking hazard.
Use under adult supervision.

ARK Sip-Tip Cup with Lid (straws and accessores sold separately)

Sip-Tip makes drinking easier with it's rigid, high-quality, graduated 240ml tumbler. The lids are snapped on very securely, so if the cup falls over, only a little fluid escapes from the straw! Clients can suck from the straw or can be helped by "pumping" the fluid up the straw with the flexible lid. Dishwasher safe. Not recommended for carbonated beverages.

Accessories including one way straws, poly tubing straws, select flow valves and lip bloks all sold separately.

ARK Ultra Bear Bottle Kit

ARK's Bear Bottle Kit is a fun and friendly way to make drinking easier for beginners and/or children with oral motor difficulties. It's also an excellent way to transition babies straight from bottles to straw drinking - skipping sippy cups altogether! Most sippy cups promote improper tongue and lip positioning that can cause speech problems later on. Straws are a better alternative, as they strengthen the mouth muscles and encourage tongue retraction, cheek tension, and lip closure.
The Bear Bottle features a unique valve that controls the direction of fluid - liquid flows up into the straw, but does not flow back down. Simply squeeze the bear's belly until fluid reaches the top of the straw and release. Fluid will stay at the top of the straw, thereby decreasing the effort required to drink. Highly recommended for individuals who tend to aspirate or have a weak suck with difficulties generating and maintaining suction.

The Ultra Kit includes: 1 easy-to-squeeze Bear Bottle with a snap-close cap, 1 Select-Flow Valve, 8 inches of polytubing, 1 yellow Lip Blok (3/4"), 12 straws, and instructions on how to teach straw drinking. Polytubing is a reusable, chewable, durable alternative to traditional straws, and the Lip Blok prevents kids from biting on the straw or putting it too far into their mouths.

No BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, or latex
Holds 236mls of fluid
Bottle measures approximately 5 x 6.3 x 15cm
Colors may vary
Not recommended for carbonated beverages
Recommended for thin liquids (water, milk, juice without pulp, etc).

Avalanche Fruit Stand

Are you steady enough to work at this fun fruit stand? Spin the wheel, then use the jumbo tweezers to pick or place fruit.

Develops fine motor skills, especially the all important hand development stages that prepares children for handwriting. Using tweezers, such as these that provide resistance to the muscles means that the muscles of the thumb/index web space are developed ready for an open tripod grasp. Encouraging children to use just the thumb and first two fingers also encourages the development of division of the two sides of the hand.

Reinforces colour and fruit vocabulary and as a part of early social skills such as turn taking.

Includes 40 fruit counters (5 different fruits), 2 jumbo tweezers, picture spinner, and adjustable cardboard fruit stand/storage box measuring 6"L x 9.5"W x 13.75"H

Manufacturer recommends Ages 3+ for solo play or up to 4 players.
WARNING: Choking hazard.
Use under adult supervision.


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