Language Development

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Adventures in Storyland!

Adventures in Storyland is an early learning story-telling game where kids use their imagination to create fantastic adventures. With 12 scenes and over 200 cards, there are endless combinations and millions of possibilities. Once upon a time....

Alex was happy. Mum said he could ride his pet hippopotamus to school today. But something was wrong. The crossing guard was missing. Instead there was an astronaut directing traffic. How strange! Then all of a sudden...

Manufacturer recommends for 2 plus players aged 5 years plus. Can also be used as a solo activity.

Alias Junior

In Junior Alias you explain words and pictures to your team mates without actually saying the word that is being explained, but by using synonyms and opposites, hints, uttering sounds instead.

The game can also be played by children who cannot read yet, as the pictures show the word to be explained.

It's a great way for a group or the whole family to play a game that engages all in a language activity that encourages quick thinking and problem solving.

Manufacturer recommends for ages 5 years plus for 4 or more players.

Amazing Me

An engaging game to help you to deal with life's challenges.

Amazing Me is a new and unique game that develops positive attitude and a better understanding of oneself. Promotes independent thinking, decision making, meaningful conversation and co-operation. More than 160 situations/problems with suggested discussion points to address friendship, family relations, social responsibility with honesty, respect and more! Don't miss this exciting journey of self awareness.

Manufacturer recommends for ages 6 and up for 2-4 players.

Answer Buzzers - Set of 4

Do you have the answer? Then buzz in! These answer buzzers are great for any class or game activity. Features 4 different colours and fun sounds: horn honk, boxing bell, doorbell and boing!

Measures 9cm in diameter and requires 2 AAA batteries, not included

Articulate for Kids

The fast talking description game for 4-20 kids aged 6-12 years.

Articulate for Kids is the same fast moving, lively, gripping fun as the adult version. Played in teams, the idea is to describe as many words on the card as possible to your team mates in 30 seconds without giving "begins with" or "sounds like" clues.

A great fast thinking and language game.

Compiled by an educational specialist, there are 336 cards with over 2000 entries in categories of object, action, person, geography, nature or random.

Avalanche Fruit Stand

Are you steady enough to work at this fun fruit stand? Spin the wheel, then use the jumbo tweezers to pick or place fruit.

Develops fine motor skills, especially the all important hand development stages that prepares children for handwriting. Using tweezers, such as these that provide resistance to the muscles means that the muscles of the thumb/index web space are developed ready for an open tripod grasp. Encouraging children to use just the thumb and first two fingers also encourages the development of division of the two sides of the hand.

Reinforces colour and fruit vocabulary and as a part of early social skills such as turn taking.

Includes 40 fruit counters (5 different fruits), 2 jumbo tweezers, picture spinner, and adjustable cardboard fruit stand/storage box measuring 6"L x 9.5"W x 13.75"H

Manufacturer recommends Ages 3+ for solo play or up to 4 players.
WARNING: Choking hazard.
Use under adult supervision.

Build a Garden

Build a Garden is a simple threading activity with wooden rods and garden pieces, giving kids the opportunity to develop their grasp, placement and visual motor skills. Threading onto wooden rods as opposed to a thread makes it much easier for kids to initially develop their threading skills. Add to the benefits of this toy by playing it with an adult so the child can follow the adults directions for finding colours and shapes, or following pattern sequences.

Manufacturer recommends for ages 2 years plus.

Contains 78 pieces

Buzz Oink Bingo

In this bingo game, kids have to focus as they listen for sounds that match the pictures on their bingo boards. With some pictures appearing more than once, kids need to use their critical thinking skills to determine the best spot on the board to place their chips in order to win!

Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz... is that a bee i hear? Moooooooo... now I hear a cow. Tick-tock... that must be a clock. It's time to make noise and have some fun!

This game does not require any reading skills.

Manufacturer recommends for 2-6 players aged 3 years plus.

8 double-sided bingo boards
Extra large spinner
108 tokens
Parent notes

Cheeky Monkey Manners - 6 Book Collection

Lisa Kerr

Help me learn some manners in this fun-filled collection. Good manners have never been so much fun!

Thank You
There are some magic words that Cheeky Monkey needed to know. But where would he find them...?

When Cheeky Monkey attends Georgina's party, he makes the birthday girl sad. Can he find the right word to make things better?

Taking Turns
Cheeky Monkey is excited about having his friends over to play. But his selfish ways aren't appreciated. Can he learn some good manners before everyone leaves?

Excuse Me
Cheeky Monkey is excited about going to the park, but his bad behaviour is making everyone cross. Can he find the right words to make things better?

Cheeky Monkey can't wait to get a treat a the store. But will he remember what other things he needs to buy?

There was a secret word that Cheeky Monkey needed to uncover. But where would he find it?

All 6 titles with sturdy board pages in a slip case.

COKO Base Plate

29 x 29cm base plate for use with our COKO lower case and word families bricks.


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