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Boxing Bag

Rope suspended boxing bag to fill with wood chips.

Great to use with our Boxing Gloves Junior.

Colours will vary.

Boxing Set Junior

Junior boxing set. Freestanding solid PU speedball on spring return stem. Height selection in six positions adjustable from 110cm to 137cm. Heavy duty plastic base can be filled with water or sand to add stability. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Some assembly required. Includes one pair of PU boxing gloves.

The ultimate stress-buster and work-out in one!

Great heavy work opportunity for a home or clinic which also helps to develop shoulder and core stability, balance skills and motor planning while getting a good work out. Try combining with additional balance challenges such as a balance board, stability disc or an air roller to increase the core muscle and motor planning challenges.

Cheeky Monkey Manners - 6 Book Collection

Lisa Kerr

Help me learn some manners in this fun-filled collection. Good manners have never been so much fun!

Thank You
There are some magic words that Cheeky Monkey needed to know. But where would he find them...?

When Cheeky Monkey attends Georgina's party, he makes the birthday girl sad. Can he find the right word to make things better?

Taking Turns
Cheeky Monkey is excited about having his friends over to play. But his selfish ways aren't appreciated. Can he learn some good manners before everyone leaves?

Excuse Me
Cheeky Monkey is excited about going to the park, but his bad behaviour is making everyone cross. Can he find the right words to make things better?

Cheeky Monkey can't wait to get a treat a the store. But will he remember what other things he needs to buy?

There was a secret word that Cheeky Monkey needed to uncover. But where would he find it?

All 6 titles with sturdy board pages in a slip case.

Connecta Balance Path

Walk the bridges and stepping stones as your create and explore new pathways. Great for learning how to balance, develop core stability and work on motor planning, all the while adding some fun to obstacle courses (great addition to our Foot Pods and Stepping Stones - sold sepapately). Six beams and six circular pads connect at multiple points to create any range of courses. Anti-skid bottom allows for use on any surface.

Beams: 60cm (L) x 10cm (W) x 5cm (H)
Pads: 30cm (D) x 5cm (H)


A beautiful soft and slightly scrunchy bat for little hands to hold and fidget.

Bat body 10cm tall and wingspan of 50cm

Cuddle Pal - Frog

Made of soft velour fabric and stuffed with polyester fiber and plastic pellets (for a bit of scrunch) for a calming feel. A beautiful tactile toy to stroke or fiddle with.

Approximately 17cm.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Unsuitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.

Cuddle Puppy Labrador - WHILE STOCKS LAST

A beautiful soft and slightly scrunchy little puppy for little hands to hold and hearts to love.

15cm long

Dice with Clear Pockets

Large soft dice made from foam and features clear pockets on each side for personalisation. This dice is appropriate for using in group experiences that promote social and communication skills.

Dice measures 10cm H.

Dimension Maze - Limited Time Only

Get to the middle by guiding the ball through a rollercoaster of tracks, loops, spirals and drops. Skill, dexterity and good hand-eye co-ordination are required to defeat this challenge.

3 levels of difficulty.

Movements need to be smooth and planned and trial and error is the way to develop skills - developing motor planning and shoulder stability as you work the challenge.

Manufacturer recommends for ages 8 years plus.

Dough Characters

Children can use their imagination to mould and shape their own creatures! Set of 52 pieces includes feet, shoes, hands, arms, claws, lips, noses, eyes, mouths and hats. Add some additional motivation and interest to fine motor activities. You could even try them with theraputty to add some additional hand strength development.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Unsuitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.


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