Core and Shoulder Stability

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High quality children's instrument with authentic accordion sound. Two-octave range in the key of C.

Beautiful and more novel addition to your musical collection. While the children play and enjoy the sound they are also developing shoulder and wrist stability as it needs to be held away from the trunk as well as fine motor skills as they individually operate each of the notes.

WARNING: Choking hazard.
Use under adult supervision.
Manufacturer recommends for ages 3 years plus.

Addict-A-Ball (large)

Have YOU got the skills?

The aim: To get the shiny ball through all stages of the maze to get to the end. There are two main games. 1. Try to get from the start to the end in one go without falling off the maze or getting so frustrated you throw it out of the window or bounce it off someone else's head (made out of a soft plastic just in case you do). 2. Another game is to do a time trial with your friends to see who can do it all in the fastest time and get the maze record.

Movements need to be smooth and planned and trial and error is the way to develop skills - developing motor planning and shoulder stability as you work the challenge.

Manufacturer recommends for ages 6 and up however it is just as addictive for older kids and adults too!

Air Roller

700mm - 200mm diameter. Colours will vary.

Made out of similar material to the therapy balls these rollers provide a great (and fun) opportunity to develop balance and midline/core stability. Balance in standing while playing throw and catch games, balance on hands and knees on two rollers while reaching for game pieces or simply roll over one or several rollers on your tummy - just a few ideas but lots more potential.

Try using these with a range of the activities in the "Core Concepts" book.

Use under adult supervision.

Balance Board

This durable moulded plastic version of the wobble board allows children to develop coordination and balance skills. Playing games and working on unstable surfaces activates the core muscles of the trunk. Keep balance just for fun or make the challenge harder by balancing while throwing and catching, using blow darts, or drawing or writing on a vertical surface.

The Balance Board measures 40cm in diameter and provides circular grooves on the surface for grip and stability.

Australian made! Colours may vary.

Balancing Board Loop-Spiral

Stand on the board and manoeuvre the marble along the groove from one side to the other that will challenge and amuse children while developing co-ordination (motor planning) and balance skills. In addition moving on unstable surfaces helps develop the muscles necessary for core stability.

Can also be hand held.

Wooden board has a permanently attached clear-view top to keep marble fully contained. Patterns for the board will vary depending on current stock

Measures 29 x 47 x 5 cm height

For 3 years plus. Maximum weight of 100kg.

Balloon Ball Buddies

Blows up like a balloon! Soft rubber animal balloon ball buddies - approx 17cm.

Can be used with our balloon one way valves.

Great resistive respiration activity with a much more interactive outcome than a plain balloon. These little guys can be used and re-used encouraging the development of core stability through sustained and resistive respiration. Help develop stability through the diaphragm and mouth.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.


Bilibo - no lights, sound or batteries - all you add is imagination. Bilibo is a new kind of toy - the elementary shell leaves room for a child's imagination. Instead of imposing a specific play pattern, Bilibo is open for a wide range of interpretations and encourages children to invent their own games, to play and have fun in an active and creative way. Indoors and out-doors, the sand-pit, at the water or even in the snow - Bilibo is full of surprises.

Use as stepping stones to develop planning and balance, sit and spin to work on core stability and have fun with movement. Use for carrying to develop shoulder stability and bilateral coordination.

For further uses visit

Supplied in blue and red only

Blow Football

Blow Football is a classically simple blowing toy which can make helping breath control, lip strength and general mouth control a fun and enjoyable activity. Long blows, short blows, power blows allow fun while developing core stability and planning.

Contains 2 wire mounted goal keepers, washable blowers and balls

Manufacturer recommends for ages 6 years plus for 2-6 players

WARNING: Choking hazard. Unsuitable for children under years due to small parts. Use under adult supervision.

Boxing Bag

Rope suspended boxing bag to fill with wood chips.

Great to use with our Boxing Gloves Junior.

Colours will vary.

Boxing Set Junior


Junior boxing set. Freestanding solid PU speedball on spring return stem. Height selection in six positions adjustable from 110cm to 137cm. Heavy duty plastic base can be filled with water or sand to add stability. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Some assembly required.

The ultimate stress-buster and work-out in one!

Great heavy work opportunity for a home or clinic which also helps to develop shoulder and core stability, balance skills and motor planning while getting a good work out. Try combining with additional balance challenges such as a balance board, stability disc or an air roller to increase the core muscle and motor planning challenges.


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