ARK Double Ended Z-Vibe


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Double ended Z-vibe allows you to vary the degree of vibration while still maintaining the durable and practical components of the standard z-vibe. The second end allows you to change the type of stimulation without having to change heads. One end vibrates in less intensity, allowing you to use it with children who are even more sensitive.

Each double Z-Vibe come with a AAAA battery, one blue probe tip. Although all tips are easily sanitized ARK recommends each client has their own tip.

Use the double Z-Vibe with not only two different oral motor tips but also try it with the pen tip and chew tip. This provides for children who need the additional tactile vibration input to increase attention and awareness when writing, but also providing some oral motor chew and vibration to assist in attention/arousal control when thinking and listening.

Caution: These products should only be used by a professional therapist or by a caregiver trained in their use and should be supervised at all times.

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Dimensions 17 × 10 × 2 cm
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