Blackboard Paint


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Blackboard Paint can be used on a range of different surfaces to create a blackboard! Blackboards are great for children to play and practise their drawing and writing skills. Nontoxic and simple to use makes it ideal for young children. Blackboard Paint is perfect for making memo boards at home or in the classroom, as well as decorating items like cardboard box creations, a wall in the cubby house, plant pots, picture frames and many more. Simply apply the paint to the surface (2 coats, allowing 4-8 hours drying time in between) of your choice ensuring an even coverage then allow to dry for 24 hours before use. Clean up in water.

Using this paint is opportune for development of fine motor skills (in preparing and using the paint, then using the chalk on top) and motor praxis and sequencing (deciding where to use the paint, how to use it to cover the surface to be used etc.)

2 Litre bottle

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Dimensions 30 × 12 × 9 cm
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