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What a challenge to look for some tasty ingredients in the pan.

Roll the dice and rotate the lid. Now use the tweezer to collect your vegetables. Put them on your plate, but don’t drop the veggies on the table or on your plate, it would be a waste of food!

Great for fostering a wealth of developmental benefits for children. The design of the tray provides opportunities to encourage motor planning and cognitive problem solving to move around the obstacles and the tweezers provides an opportunity for muscle resistance to build up the strength of the index/thumb web space to prepare the hands for activities like handwriting.

Veggie game size: 17cm (Dia).

Veggie game from BuitinSpeel

BuitinSpeel Toys believe that playing in a good way can make the difference. They develop and create original toys, made of the finest materials with an educational and active twist. BuitinSpeel stands for high quality, originality and a healthy dose of fun! Their mission is to spread the joy of playing worldwide.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 8 cm

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