Calming Kids Singlet


These mild compression garments are proving useful for many children as a method of gaining deep touch pressure (like a big hug) to help regulate throughout the day. Assists many with anxiety, transition difficulties or wearing as pajamas to help the transition off to sleep.

The added bonus for those with low muscle tone in their trunk is that the deep touch compression helps to provide mild external stability to the shoulder and core muscles to help them gain greater function in their upper limbs and hands.

Australian designed clothing range for children with sensory processing disorder who require deep pressure input across the day to help regulate calming, alerting and organisational needs.

Calming Clothing is made from easy care premium quality combed cotton and Lycra blend. The cotton is soft, it breaths and absorbs moisture for the comfort of your child. Seams are sewn flat and sizing information printed (no tags) on the outside of the garment. They are gentle machine washable.

  • Size 3 – Length 39cm, Width 27cm
  • Size 4 – Length 44cm, Width 29cm
  • Size 6 – Length 47cm, Width 31cm
  • Size 8 – Length 50cm, Width 33cm
  • Size 10 – Length 53cm, Width 35cm
  • Size 12 – Length 56cm, Width 37cm
  • Size 14 – Length 59cm, Width 39cm
Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 1 cm
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