The Smart Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Best Toys for Bright Kids

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Julia Eggles OTR & Dr Lisa Hudson PhD

The Smart Parent’s Guide Gives You Real, Proven, Usable Strategies To Find, Buy And Use The Best Toys For Your Kids!

Go toy shopping armed with a personalised list of toys that your individual child really wants AND needs – what they want isn’t always what is best or the most fun! We’ll show you how to get the best of both worlds!

Pick toys that promote strengths-based play- match your selections to their strengths as well as expanding their skills base, AND their confidence!

Provide toys that will advance their abilities across all Fundamental areas of development while they’re having a ton of fun – those bright shiny toys that look so good to you are probably NOT going to do much for your child, researchers tell us! Find out how to break through the age barrier and see toys the way your child does.
Allow your children to shine! – you’ll learn how to capture their imaginations and help them discover the wonderful world of learning at their fingertips with carefully chosen toys and professional strategies.

Not only does this practical manual tell you what to buy for your unique child, but it also shows you how to: Have even more fun playing with your amazing children – you can relax and enjoy the delights of their explorations, knowing you have the keys to revving up the power of their play.

Make the toys and games you already have so much more powerful – ongoing early childhood research by the TIMPANI Toy Study research tells us that the toys children use really makes a difference to the skills they practice!

Make sure that the toys you choose will be enjoyed for a long time to come – not just on the day they are opened. This means you will be buying smart for both your kids and yourself – we could all do with some tips for spending our money more wisely.

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