dōTERRA Tamer® Oil Supportive Blend 5ml


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Wherever your journey takes you, whether near or far from home, doTERRA Tamer Supportive Blend is truly valuable to have on hand. Tamer contains the unique benefits of essential oils including Spearmint, to uplift and improve mood; Japanese Peppermint, with menthol to soothe and cool skin; and Ginger, with it’s calming aroma, all perfectly blended. Tamer Digestive Blend is a synergistic blend of oils known for their ability to create feelings of grounding, calming, and relaxation. Tamer, part of the doTERRA Kids Collection, is ideal for both children and adults.

Directions for Use

Keep Tamer on hand in your purse, briefcase, or child’s backpack. Diffuse before a road trip to help promote feelings of grounding and relaxation.


POSSIBLE SKIN SENSITIVITY. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS OF AGE. If under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Keep out of eyes, inner ears, mouth, and sensitive areas.

Everyone is different and reactions to fragrances such as essential oils are no different. For some people (neurodiverse and neurotypical) using essential oils is highly supportive, however it is good to be aware that around 30% of the neurotypical population are sensory sensitive (but not necessarily to smell) and a higher rate (but not all) neurodiverse individuals have sensory sensitivities (again this is general sensory sensitivities, not necessarily to smell). So when planning to use any fragrance, including essential oils, particularly when diffused into a shared environment, we would encourage you to consider the potential for sensory and/or allergy sensitivities of those that will be using the space.

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