Journal Therapy for Calming Anxiety


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A 366-day journal filled with approachable
therapeutic writing prompts to help you
understand and cope with anxiety.

Written by Kathleen Adams LPC

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association, a staggering 40 million American adults experience anxiety. Kathleen Adams, LPC, has distilled her 35 years of clinical experience into this 366-day journal to create a tool that teaches users new skills to help manage feelings of worry and stress. Through weekly cycles, readers will explore guided introspection, practices from cognitive behaviour therapy, and research-backed mindfulness techniques. Each prompt supports behavioural, emotional, and neurological changes that will create calm.

About the author

Kathleen Adams LPC is a psychotherapist who has pioneered the field of journal therapy since 1985. She is the founder of the Center for Journal Therapy and its professional training division, the Therapeutic Writing Institute, founded in 2008. In 2019 she created Journalversity, an online school offering short courses for personal journal writers. She is the author of the New York best-selling Journal to the Self and 12 other books on journal writing for healing, growth and change. Kathleen has won five national awards for her distinguished service to the field, including the Morris Morrison Education Award for excellence and innovation in standards-based training. Visit her at

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