Breath Tool 304 grade Stainless Steel – Mindful Breathing Unisex Necklace

These are a wearable tool they are literally on hand as needed. Small and discreet for you to use whenever and wherever you need to assist with extending your exhale & slowing down your breathing pattern. They do not produce any loud noise making them perfect for work or in public.

Breath tools can help reduce stress by extending your exhalation to assist in overcoming the unconscious biological “fight or flight” response. Slowing and extending your breath using a breath tool may have the effect of stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system to help create the feelings of calm and relaxation. When you take intentional and proper long breaths, your body signals the analytical brain that there must not be any real danger and you can relax. They are that reminder that teaches and encourages you to breathe slower and longer by restricting your exhale.

For hygiene reasons we are unable to accept returns for this item.

Great to use in the morning to create a positive start to the day and at night to help clear and quiet your mind to possibly fall asleep faster and sleep sounder.

Have been used by many to assist with quitting smoking or vaping by replacing the oral and hand fixation habit. Help overcome urges by taking a breath break that mimics the draw and long exhale of smoking.

Many also use them as part of a mindfulness meditation or yoga breathing practice. Use in conjunction or to replace guided meditation apps or devices.They are perfect for those who have trouble meditating by allowing you to slow your thoughts and forcing you to focus on your breath.

  • Made from 304 grade polished stainless steel.
  • Comes in a black ‘velvet’carry pouch
  • Breath Tool Pendant :
    • Length Approximately 50mm
    • Inner Diameter Approx. 5 mm
    • Outer Diameter approx 7 mm
  • Chain approximately 70 cm long.
  • Weight with chain and tool approx. 23 grams
  • Not suitable for 3 years and under due to small parts.
Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 2.5 cm
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