PlayMe Pat Bells Musical Station


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The PlayMe Pat Bells Station are a beautifully designed set of bells mounted in a beech wood stand for children aged 12 months+.

The PlayMe Pat Bells Station is a set of 5 brightly coloured Pat Bells in a timber frame. Each Pat Bells Station comes with a booklet of colour coded sheet music of popular children’s songs. The Pat Bells Station is tuned to a pentatonic scale meaning the sound is always tuneful regardless of how they are played.

Music made simple and fun. No tuning required,no more broken strings. Simply pat the bells for vibrant and colourful notes!

All PlayMe toys are made using beech timber which is ethically grown and sourced and are independently tested and audited


  • Taiwan Excellence Award 2016
  • Nominee in 2016 Nuremberg Toy Award
  • First Prize 2016 Japan Good Toy Award
Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 55 × 23 × 14 cm
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