Screamfree Palm Flexi


Scream-Free Pam Flexi Hair Brush takes the pain and tears out of hair brushing time. It is an ideal sensory brush for long, curly, fine or thick hair. Suitable for wet or dry hair.

Dual Bristle Technology

Natural boar bristles fade to yellow at the ends and are much softer than synthetic imitations. Natural bristles soften and shine your hair using your natural scalp oils to condition from scalp to tip and reduce static build-up. No pulling or tugging!

Hand-dipped nylon detangling pins make it softer on the scalp and creates a brush that detangles with ease, reducing fall out, breakage and the tugging associated with detangling hair. The nylon tips also act as a wear indicator to let you know when it’s time for replacement by gradually wearing down.

Screamfree Maxi VS Palm Flexi:

The bigger, stronger Maxi and the ultra-soft Palm Flexi are both suited to all hair types with the Maxi being particularly good for thicker, longer hair while the Palm Flexi is best for small children, finer hair and those with sensory issues. The nimble Palm Flexi is also perfect for adding those finishing touches to your style or to get the perfect ponytail or bun after the Maxi has done the heavy lifting.

  • Helps prevent split ends, breakage, dandruff & oily scalp
  • Detangles & reduces frizz
  • Softens, smooths & shines hair
  • Soft on sensitive scalps
Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 22 × 9 × 5 cm
Brush Type

Chameleon, Mermaid, Rose Gold

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