Thera-band is a resistive elastic band that provides amazing versatility. The Elasticity allows even stretching and relaxing without the “bounce” at the end of range of motion. It can be cut to length and tied to form loops if required. Tie to the legs of chairs allowing children to gain proprioceptive input by pushing or bouncing against it. Use it for pull and push games or for oral motor work to blow or push your tongue against. The possibilities are only limited by yours and your child’s imagination.

Note: In the past we’ve sold Theraband by the metre. We are now transitioning to selling it in pre-packaged lengths which are 1.5 metres, 5.5 metres and 45 metres in length. It’s still the same great product, and it’s slightly cheaper per metre. While we transition some will be available either per metre or in 1.5 metre lengths. Make sure you pick the right option.

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 1 cm
Select resistance

Yellow – Soft, Red – Medium, Green – Heavy, Blue – Extra Heavy

Select Length

1.0 metre, 1.5 metre, 5.5 metre, 45 metre

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