Tricky Fingers


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Shake your puzzle box, turn over a pattern card, and go! Tricky Fingers is a favourite toy of many professionals because of its compact nature, its simplicity, and the breath of skills it can help improve. Children take a pattern card, then use their fingertips in holes in the bottom of the tray to maneuver the 16 enclosed, colourful marbles to match the image on the pattern card. Playing with Tricky Fingers will help develop fine, bilateral, and perceptual motor skills. It will also help children improve their problem solving abilities, eye-hand coordination, and task persistence. Tricky Fingers included 2 self-contained (so the marbles won’t roll away) hand held compartments with 16 colorful marbles in each, and 14 full-colour pattern cards. (Marbles are not able to be removed).

Manufacturer recommends Ages 7 years and up.

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Dimensions 12 × 4.5 × 21 cm
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