Velcro Catch Ball


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Fun catch game to improve hand/eye coordination skills. The ball grips to the velcro face of the paddle strapped to your hand.

Giving a variety of ways to develop throw and catch skills helps kids who are reluctant to participate a little added incentive. The provision of a hand insert that doesn’t require a curved grasp and the velcro to “catch” the ball without needing fast closing of the hand also provides kids in the early stages of ball skill development or those with poor hand skills the opportunity to be successful with catching activities. Add in the opportunity to work on crossing the midline and the need to remove the ball with one hand while holding the paddle stable with the other and you also have the opportunity to develop bilateral coordination and motor planning skills.

Consists of two paddles (22cm diameter) and one tennis ball.

Colours will vary.

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Dimensions 22 × 26 × 6 cm
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