Calming Lap Bag

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These weighted lap bags are developed to help children calm and organise themselves in a seated position with deep pressure sensory input. Great addition to a regulation program for children in the classroom or for table top activities at home. The lap bag folded in half length ways also sits nicely around neck and shoulders.

The segregated lap bag comes in two sizes – 49cm x 30cm and 55cm x 38cm – which are sewn into segmented pouches for maximum flexibility, strength and comfort. Filled with stainless steel, these weighted bags are machine washable, which makes them ideal for children if you are using them at snack or meal time where there may be some spillage.

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Lime Green Small – 1.5kg, Blue Small – 1.5kg, Black Corduroy Large – 2.5kg, Lime Green Large – 2.5kg, Black Cotton Large – 2.5kg, Green Frogs Large – 2.5kg, Sequin Lapis Lazuli – 2.5kg

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