Dinosaur Activity Kit Super Set

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Our Super Sets have been created through an exciting collaboration between our Occupational Therapist and an experienced Primary School Teacher and Social Worker.  We have combined our amazing products with our expertise in learning and development to create learning experiences and activity guides for children to explore, play and thrive. 

The Super Sets target many different areas of learning and development including opportunities for children to develop their creativity and imagination, vocabulary, emotional literacy and self and regulation, gross motor and fine motor skills, self esteem, reading comprehension, early writing and mathematical skills.

Each Super Set utilises carefully selected books and supporting toys and tools that act as stimuli for exploring different themes and developmental skills in unique ways. We provide all of the equipment, activity guides and simple explanations of the learning principles that underpin each activity to assist parents in extending their children’s learning and play while also understanding the developmental “why” behind the activities suggested. 

Each set also comes in its own storage tote that can be used as a part of the play process and to store your materials. The sets provide a great opportunity for expanding and supporting your child’s development outside of educational and therapy environments and provide a great guided support for those currently on therapy waiting lists.

The Dinosaur Super Set has planned activities and all the equipment necessary to engage with your child in:

  • Dinosaur Reading – targeting reading comprehension
  • Small World Play – targeting vocabulary expansion, exploring emotions, supporting secure attachment, problem solving skills, extending creativity and imagination.
  • Dinosaur Shadow Art – targeting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics), problem solving skills, critical thinking, creativity, fine motor skills, measurement and mathematics.
  • Dinosaur Dice – targeting gross motor skills, emotional regulation and sensory regulation.
  • Dinosaur Imagination – targeting fine motor skills, emotional regulation, sensory regulation and creativity.
  • Dinosaur Footprints – targeting fine motor skills, creativity, imagination and problem solving skills.
  • Dinosaur Poppers – targeting hand strength, hand eye coordination and emotional regulation
  • Dinosaur Balloon Ball – targeting emotional regulation, self regulation, sensory regulation, gross motor skills and hand eye coordination.
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