Metron Therapeutic Exercise Putty


Therapy Exercise Putty, often called “Theraputty”, provides opportunity for exercises to strengthen intrinsic hand muscles and finger muscles as part of a home, school or clinic program. Stretch it, poke it, pull it or hide objects for little fingers to find.

  • Bleed proof and non-oily formula helps keep the skin clean without sticking to the skin
  • Won’t stain, fragment, or separate for repeated, long-term use
  • For pinching, gripping, and twisting exercises
  • Latex-free and non-toxic composition is safe for anyone with latex sensitivities or allergies

WARNING: Choking hazard – not suitable for children under 3. Use under adult supervision.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Select the desired firmness

Tan – Extra Soft – 85g, Yellow – Soft – 85g, Red – Medium – 85g, Green – Firm – 85g, Blue – Extra Firm – 85g, Red – Medium – 454g

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