Monkey and Chops Magnetic Weekly Activity Planner


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The Monkey & Chops Weekly Activity Planner is perfect for teaching kids about their weekly schedules. This fully adjustable, individualised, magnetic tool clearly displays the activities planned, so your child always knows what lies ahead. The bright and colourful activity magnets are perfect for little fingers to handle.

The activity magnets are of simple design so kids can easily identify the activities planned. The 3 photo frame magnets can be used to add photos of special people that your child may be spending time with during the week eg. A day with grandparents, mum, dad, friends or nanny. Simply cut out a photo to size and place it onto the planner in the desired position, then place the magnetic frame directly over the top. These can remind the child as to who is looking after them on any particular day of the week or who they may be visiting. Remember to use the inside of the photo frames as additional blank magnets too!

Finally, the Monkey & Chops daily magnet can be used to identify the day of the week. Every morning when your child asks “What am I doing today” they can run to their weekly planner to move the Monkey & Chops daily magnet to the next day and view all the activities planned for the day ahead.

Use the magnetic pen to add your child’s name to the planner, write notes & reminders on the planner, or, draw a unique activity on the blank activity magnet. The best part is that anything you write onto the planner can be easily removed using the built-in eraser on the magnetic pen. Therefore, your Monkey & Chops Weekly Activity Planner is fully reusable!

The Monkey & Chops Weekly Activity Planner is designed for your child to interact with it every day of the week. When activities for the week or days ahead change, it’s always good to include your child in the adjustment of the planner in advance, so they have plenty of time to prepare themselves for any variations in their routine.

The greater your child’s interaction with the weekly planner, the more effective will be the behavioural outcome. Throughout the week, it’s important to make the change in day exciting by encouraging your child to move the Monkey & Chops daily magnet each morning. This can start to teach them about the names of different days of the week, the order of the days and the idea of time lapses throughout the week. Every day of the week is different and brings a new adventure.

An understanding of the range of different activities planned for any particular day will also provide kids with a sense of how time must be managed throughout a day, especially if all the activities are to be completed. Moderation of behaviour is generally assisted by greater understanding of the tasks ahead. When children know what they are doing for the day ahead and are generally happy with these plans, they are more likely to comply with accomplishing the tasks and completing the activities as they are set-out.


  • 1 Weekly Activity Planner Magnet
  • 34 activity magnets
  • 3 magnetic photo frames
  • 1 dry-erase marker
Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 42 × 30 × 3 cm
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