Rolyan Therapeutic Exercise Putty


Therapy Exercise Putty, often called “Theraputty”, provides opportunity for exercises to strengthen intrinsic hand muscles and finger muscles as part of a home, school or clinic program. Stretch it, poke it, pull it or hide objects for little fingers to find.

  • Bleed proof and non-oily formula helps keep the skin clean without sticking to the skin
  • Won’t stain, fragment, or separate for repeated, long-term use
  • For pinching, gripping, and twisting exercises
  • Latex-free and non-toxic composition is safe for anyone with latex sensitivities or allergies

Note for Metron Putty Users

Metron Putty has been replaced by Rolyan Putty. The new formulation is smoother and softer than the current Metron putty so use the following guide when ordering.

Clinical and Personal Use

Rolyan Therapy Putty is ideal for a range of individuals needing hand rehabilitation, with various sizes and resistances available to suit every need. Whether it’s for clinical use or personal use, the hand therapy putty comes in different sizes for easy portability, and the bleed-proof, non-oily formula ensures clean use in schools, clinics, and homes.

Rehabilitation Exercises

Hand therapy putty is an excellent tool for recovering from hand and wrist injuries. Rolyan Therapy Putty allows a wide range of hand movements and stretches, such as pinches, twists, grip strength exercises, and stretches, which improves grip strength, flexibility, and range of motion. This makes the putty perfect for hand strength training, hand muscle exercises, finger dexterity, and more.

Progressive Resistance System

A staple in occupational therapy equipment, Rolyan Therapy Putty is also perfect for physical therapy exercises, rehabilitation, and hand workouts, with a progressive resistance system featuring easily identifiable colours. As you progress from X-Soft to X-Firm, the exercises become more challenging, making rehab putty an effective tool for building strength and recovering from injuries and surgery.

WARNING: Choking hazard – not suitable for children under 3. Use under adult supervision.

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Tan – Extra Soft, Yellow – Soft, Red – Medium Soft, Green – Medium, Blue – Firm, Grey – Extra Firm

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