The Pencil Grip


The Pencil Grip is a revolutionary applied technology that works with the body’s natural physiology to gently place fingers in the proper position for gripping. Allowing over a 90% surface contact with its soft comfortable gripping surface, The Pencil Grip sets the industry standard in ergonomics. Suitable for left and right handed people.

The Pencil Grip sits with the narrow end closest to the pencil tip. Right handers place their thumb on the side marker with an R and left handers on the side marker with an L. The Pencil Grip is shaped to allow the fingers to sit naturally into position but in addition the widening out towards the top of the grip helps support the slightly flexed (bent) position of the thumb joint which you are after for handwriting as if the thumb is held straight you cannot achieve the rounded shapes involved in writing.

The JUMBO Grip uses the same revolutionary shape as The Pencil Grip to place fingers of both left and right handed users in the correct position for gripping but it’s about 40% larger than The Pencil Grip providing extended comfort and support the second thumb joint as well. This helps to maintain an open thumb/index web space which allows the small muscles of the hand to perform the fast in and out movements necessary for mature handwriting, rather than depending upon the muscles of the wrist or forearm. The JUMBO Grip offers Big Time Comfort for everyone from students to seniors.

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