Vibrating Touch Gel Massage Cushion

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Forget travelling to a masseuse for back relief; now your back relief can travel with you, in the form of this game-changer Gel Massage Cushion.

The Homedics Gentle Touch Gel Shiatsu Massage Cushion features 2 remarkable massage modes: Deep-kneading, shiatsu, with gel nodes that work as hard or as gently as you like and rolling massage with width adjustment that covers every inch of your back. No cutting corners here. The Gentle Touch lives up to its name with a gentle back vibration feature that easily loosens muscle tightness. Switch settings easily, control the intensity, or customise your massage sessions all with a convenient handheld remote. Best of all, the cushion fits comfortably on almost any chair, so you can move it from room to room and enjoy life uninterrupted as it eases and soothes your back pain.


  • Deep-kneading, shiatsu gel massage nodes
  • Sooth aching muscles and relieve tightness
  • Back vibration to provide gentle movement
  • Strapping system to turn any chair into a massage chair
  • Handheld remove to customise your massage

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Dimensions 82 × 18 × 53 cm
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