ARK Z-Vibe Tran-Quill Vibrating Pen


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Combine ARK’s Pen Tip Set and Double ended Z-Vibe and you get the Tran-Quille Pen, a great way to work on writing skills. The soothing vibrations are felt in the hand providing additional tactile feedback, but do not affect the actual writing and with good tactile feedback being essential for smooth coordinated use of the small muscles of the hands (intrinsics), those necessary for mature writing this provides a unique way to develop handwriting skills when tactile processing is reduced. Addition of the Bit and Chew Tip (sold separately) end is fun to chew on and the combination of vibration and proprioceptive input through chewing can provide modulating input to regulate the level of arousal helping with attention, and can be replaced easily with another tip. Set includes: 4 Assorted Pen Tips, 1 Double Ended Z-Vibe.

Caution: These products should only be used by a professional therapist or by a caregiver trained in their use and should be supervised at all times.

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